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4 Differences Between Freshwater & Deep Sea Fishing

During fishing season, you can easily grab a pole and some bait and go fishing in freshwater like lakes, rivers, or ponds. Freshwater fishing is common all across the United States, but many people also enjoy the thrill of deep sea fishing.
Deep sea fishing offers up a new experience, more excitement, and more memories on the water. Even if you've fished in freshwater your whole life, deep sea fishing has some key differences you'll enjoy. Going into the deep waters will feel like a whole new fishing experience.
Learn about the differences between freshwater and deep sea fishing to showcase the advantages of deep sea fishing trips and ways to experience fishing in a new way.
1. Bigger Fish
When fishing in fresh water, you can hook plenty of large species on the reel, but they generally pale in comparison to the fish available in the ocean. The bigger size of the ocean allows for bigger fish to swim around, and you have plenty of chances to snag in big ones.
Fish like tarpon and sailfish are not only large in size, but they offer a great fight while you reel them in. Feel the thrill of doing battle with the fish and trying to get them back to the boat you're on. Once you've caught one of the big ocean fish, the largemouth bass at your local lake will seem like a pet store goldfish.
2. Chartered Trips
Going deep sea fishing is best done through a chartered trip. Chartered trips come with many advantages and allow you to fish in key spots on the ocean water. When compared to freshwater fishing, chartered trips have multiple advantages. The trips not only include the boat you ride on, but each person on the trip gets their own equipment, gear, and bait for the duration of the trip.
You do not need to pack anything related to fishing as everything is provided for you. The preparation time is a lot less than a standard trip. You can simply show up. During a personal freshwater trip, you may have to prepare poles, line, and gear to be ready for the trip. When chartered deep sea trips take care of everything for you, things become a lot easier to manage.
3. Ocean Fishing Licenses
Many states require a license for you to fish in fresh water. You are limited to specific seasons and regulations on what you're allowed to catch and keep. Things are a lot different on a deep sea fishing trip. A saltwater fishing license is typically a separate option from freshwater, but when you book a chartered trip, you do not need to worry about the license.
The charter boat takes care of license issues for everyone on board, and you do not have to pay any fees. All of the licensing is included directly in the purchase price you pay. Eliminating the hassle, paperwork, and fees allows you to focus and enjoy the fishing more.
4. Drift Fishing
One of the main elements when going out on the ocean to fish is the ability to go drift fishing. Through this type of fishing, the boat will flow naturally with the currents and rely on anchors for various speeds. Through drift fishing methods, you will be right above popular fish areas and have the chance to catch all types of fish.
Even on days with high winds, drift fishing methods will help keep your boat in control and allow you to fish as much as you want.
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