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4 Ways to Create Family Videos on Fishing Trips

Little Girl Fishing
Capturing family videos has changed a lot over the years. The process that used to require large and bulky cameras can now be completed using much smaller and compact digital gear. Recording family videos is not only easier, but editing them and sharing them online has become a lot easier as well.
While taking a family on a deep sea fishing trip, you'll want to capture memories and look back at them. When recording videos on a fishing boat, you have multiple ways to capture footage besides the basic point and shoot.
Follow these tips and learn some of the best ways to capture unique videos of your family adventures together.
1. Overhead Shots
Many fishing boats have an upper deck where guests can climb up to get spectacular views of the water and views of the deck below. Take advantage of the higher angle to capture some unique footage.
For example, start a recording with nothing but the endless ocean within the frame. Slowly pan over to showcase family members standing on the edge of the boat looking out towards the ocean. The overhead footage also works great for capturing shots of a family member reeling in a fish. When your family is fishing in clear waters, use your camera to capture the fish in the water as the line gets reeled in.
The overhead shots are also an ideal way to capture group shots of a family standing together or hanging out on the boat.
2. Time-Based Footage
One way to capture unique shots of fishing is with time-based footage. Many cameras and phones have features built-in to capture either slow motion or time lapse videos. With a slow-motion video, you may capture family members casting out for the first time. Pulling a fish up out of the water is another way to showcase great slow-motion footage.
Along with slow-motion shots, time-lapse videos condense longer pieces of footage into short, sped-up, clips. For example, it might take 10 minutes for someone to cast out, have a fish hook, and reel the fish in. The 10 minute shot may be condensed to a one minute shot to showcase the process at much higher speeds. These fun and unique shots are used to show some of the best parts of the day without reliving them all in real time.
3. First-Person Action Cam
Water-proof action cameras provide ideal ways to capture footage when out on a deep sea fishing trip. You do not need to worry about the camera getting wet and the protective case helps the camera handle all types of bumps and movements along the water.
Attach the camera to the hat or body or a family member to create a first-person view of their experiences while fishing. Everyone can take a turn wearing a camera while capturing casting, reeling in, and spending time with other family members. These cameras offer a unique perspective on the fishing experience.
4. Fishing Confessional
For a more humorous way of capturing footage, consider recording fishing confessionals. People love to tell fishing stories, and taping a confessional offers an ideal solution for capturing everyone's experience. For example, if a parent reels in a big fish, you may record their experience and follow it up with separate recordings of the children reacting.
With all of the footage of family members talking directly into the camera, you have the ability to edit everything together and create a fun final video showcasing a lot of personality and comedy among the members of your family.
Book your family's deep sea fishing trip with us at Flamingo Deep Sea Fishing. While you record the videos, we provide everything else so your family has a memorable time.
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