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What to Do With Your Catch After Deep Sea Fishing

Happy angler holds pike fish
Deep sea fishing is a unique adventure that is unlike any other fishing experience. The trips include beautiful scenery, the potential of reeling in huge fish, and the opportunity to see other marine life. One of the most frequent questions is not about if someone will catch a fish, but what happens to it when they do. Here are some options for visitors to Florida for deep sea fishing to consider.  
Release the Fish
Some fish cannot stay with the person that hooked them, so catch-and-release may be the only choice the person has. Catch-and-release is necessary when the fish does not meet the legal minimum size to keep, or when the limit for a specific species has been reached. Also, certain fish are fun to catch, but not appealing to eat.
The need to release a fish could also arise when special release rules go into effect due to an environmental concern. For example, the regulations for catch-and-release sometimes change when there is an increase in algae blooms known as a red tide.
Have it Cooked
Many participants want to eat their catch that evening because there is no way to eat a fresher meal. These guests should bring a cooler and clean and fillet the fish before leaving the boat. Talk to your hotel kitchen manager to see if they would prepare your catch for a family dinner for a fee. Also, discuss the possibilities with local restaurants to find the best option.
Some places will agree to use their kitchens anytime to cook your deep sea catch and others will only do so if their business is slow. Companies may have policies against the preparation of outside food and refuse to allow you to use their kitchen. Another possibility is to ask the captain of the boat for recommendations of area restaurants that allow deep sea fishers to use their services.  
Send it Home
Bring a cooler to preserve the fish in ice after leaving the boat. Store the fish in a box in the freezer at the hotel until it is time to leave. Make certain the fish is frozen and in sealed packages that don't leak. Pack the fish with fresh ice that is also in watertight packages. Put everything in a sturdy box and print your name and mailing address on the label.
Have an alternative in mind if the airline does not allow fish to be carried on board. There are many fish markets in Florida and many regularly ship their products around the world. Visit these markets to ask if they offer pack and ship services for outside catches. Make certain someone is at home to receive the package and put it in the freezer or refrigerator when it arrives.
Preserve the Trophy
Most fish mounts are not the actual fish people catch. It is incredibly difficult to taxidermy fish because they lose scales, the skins shrink, and the colors fade. Instead, the expert creates a replica of the fish for you. Take a photograph of the fish in good lighting so that its colors show clearly and note its measurements to get a personalized mount.
Mounts have several benefits over taxidermied fish in addition to their durability and vivid colors. You can release viable fish to the sea, or keep them and enjoy a delicious meal. A mount also grants you more time to decide where you want the mount made.
The excitement and variety of fish available when deep sea fishing is unlike anything people experience on shore. At Flamingo Deep Sea Fishing, we know where to go for the best chance for a trophy fish, and we bring everything our guests need to take part in the fun. Please visit our website to learn more and to book your own fishing trip.  
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